John Ikonomopoulos

John Ikonomopoulos is a Veterinary Doctors and Professor of Animal Health and Microbiology in the Department of Animal Biosciences of the Agricultural University of Athens, Rector of the School of Animal Sciences and President of the European College of Veterinary Microbiology

Brief Biography

I was born in 1967 in Athens, Greece, and grew up in a small seaside village on the northern side of the Corinthian Bay, called Aspra Spitia (meaning “white houses”).

Even as a kid, I was fascinated by investigations and challenges! Step by step, these challenges have led me to the School of Veterinary Medicine of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, where I graduated in 1992. One year later, I was awarded the Master in Science degree in Veterinary Microbiology, by the Royal Veterinary College of the University of London. Just before completing my military service, I got the opportunity to use my postgraduate experience in molecular microbiology, for the diagnostic investigation of tuberculosis in humans. This was the beginning of my research career, and of my involvement in research project management, something that I gradually came to recognize as my “hidden talent”!

In 1996, I started my PhD project in the Medical School of Athens and the Veterinary School of Thessaloniki. Three years later I received ms y Doctor of Philosophy degree in Veterinary Science with Specialty in Veterinary Microbiology. The period that followed has been characterized by my inability to focus on one thing at a time; hence it is full of parallel activities, which resulted in many international collaborations and a number of awards, patents, and other distinctions. These activities have included practicing veterinary medicine, conducting post-doctoral research, coordinating international research projects, publishing research articles and books, providing diagnostic services to hospitals, and teaching.

Currently I am a professor in the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece since 2002, where I have had the pleasure to teach the Anatomy of Animals, Veterinary Microbiology, Animal Health, and Infectious Diseases of Animals, at both under and postgraduate level. A few years ago I had the opportunity to contribute to the foundation of the Hellenic Nanotechnology Society in Health Sciences, and to the European College of Veterinary Microbiology (ECVM). More recently, it was my great honor to be elected ECVM President and Rector of the School of Animal Sciences.

Today, a father of two, I continue to be intrigued by challenges, and to be inspired by the prospect of progress and providing public services, which I hope, will be achieved through the development of this site.

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